No one will save you..

not even the good lord

My name is Shell I'm from America. I drink black coffee, walk around cemeteries and nature parks, I love the smell of old books, family is everything to me, I adore old country music and abandoned houses/buildings ❒Single❒ Taken ✔ too busy reading about murderers and ghost (a warning I do post gore, and sometimes it is real life gore if that bothers you don't follow me.) I'm a dick..whoops..

I love...❤
mayra-will-never-hurt-you asked: not much just reading comic books and resting lots

Sounds good. I’m enjoyin’ some very rare free time. 

mayra-will-never-hurt-you asked: random hugs are the best lol

Yes, yes they are…:)

          So, what’s up with you?

mayra-will-never-hurt-you asked: yeah i'm alright :) tired but i got the feeling to get hugs lol

Well, that’s good. Nothin’ wrong with just wanting random hugs…haha

mayra-will-never-hurt-you asked: HUGS

You doin’ alright sweets?



Somewhere in the Bosnian forest by BricePortolano on Flickr.

my heart