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the angel of death...

My name is Shell I'm from America. I drink black coffee and smoke Marlboro reds, walk around cemeteries and nature parks, I love the smell of old books, family is everything to me, I adore old country music and abandoned houses/buildings ❒Single❒ Taken ✔ too busy reading about ghost (a warning I do post gore, and sometimes it is real life gore if that bothers you don't follow me.) I'm a dick..whoops..

I love...❤


'late night celebration selfie' x


Meet the Cellabration with Frank Iero via AltPress ( x )


deep dark fears


The Collection (2012) dir Marcus Dunstan


@frankieromustdie: the only bus I will ride this tour is public transit

Track: Nein
Artist: Otep
Album: House Of Secrets

My first act of treason was picking up a pen. My first act of love was finding myself again. The hardest thing to do was standing up to you. Now I’m off my knees. Now you’re begging me please. I’m the wound and the weapon. The fracture and the fist. My organs are rotting. My enemies are plotting. I am made of pages, paragraphs, and inspirations. Paper girl, burn the world. I pass the flame to you.